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Leadership and Management

Griffin-Hammis Associates believes that without great leadership and abundant management skills, organizations cannot excel in cutting-edge employment innovation. Our core team of associates has over 100 years experience in leadership as Program Managers, Executive Directors, Board Members, Family Members, Policy Consultants, and as Front-line Staff. 

We believe that organizations must be “Leader-Full” at all levels and that the practical application of superior service delivery sculpts policy and operations. Implementing efficacious rehabilitation techniques requires management systems to change, with guidance from an agile leadership vision. Griffin-Hammis Associates can mentor your organization’s team to greatness.

While we have numerous training and consultation offerings, our most effective leadership development package is based on our six-tier organizational development model. Customized to each community and agency, this curriculum includes a mix of highly interactive and experience-based classroom instruction, intensive team consultation, and individual mentoring. The six tiers include:

  • Values, Mission, and Purpose Refinement
  • Corporate Culture Alignment
  • Supervision and Management Skills Augmentation
  • Communication and Conflict Management Techniques
  • Transformative Team Design
  • Performance Evaluation and Reward Strategies for the Real World

The curriculum for this program is contained in the book, Working Better, Working Smarter: Building Responsive Rehabilitation Programs, available at

Of course, many agencies and teams simply need a "tune-up" For these customers, Griffin-Hammis Associates offer a wide variety of:

  • Seminars
  • Conference Presentations
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation Methods 
  • Teleconference Sessions

The sample menu for management and leadership training, facilitation, and consultation includes:

  • Strategic Planning for Teams, Boards, Executive Staff, Employment Divisions, and Self Advocates
  • Interest-Bases Negotiation for Managers and Front Line Staff
  • Skills for First-Time Supervisors
  • Grant Writing and Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Superior Customer Service for Non Profits
  • Marketing your Agency
  • Designing your Organizational Change Program

This classroom instruction can be augmented with individualized consultation with the Management Teams or individuals involved.  For more information on developing a program or a one-time training or consultation, please contact Griffin-Hammis Associates.


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