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Educating and Empowering Through Animation Now Offered!
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Griffin-Hammis Associates has started creating animated videos, targeted to people with disabilities!  This first set of videos is focused on public benefits and how to financially get ahead when working. The following link takes you to an example of these videos (tailored for Minnesota):
Online Staff Training Made Easy with Griffin Hammis Associates

* Customized Employment including;An Intro to CE
*Discovering Personal Genius
*Customized Job Development
*Interest-Based Employer Negotiation
*Systematic Worksite Instruction

We have an exclusive partnership and we work together to provide the best staff training content for Rehabilitation Professionals.  Access to the most comprehensive online course library: Developmental Disabilities Counsel, OSHA Compliance, Workforce Development, Management and Supervisory, Substance Abuse and Direct Support.

We customize our courses to meet your requirements.

Online Staff Training Made Easy with Relias Learning. 
 Courses available:

Creating Community Careers:  A 5-Session Customized Employment Online Course 

Intro to Customized Employment

Discovering Personal Genius

Customized Job Development

               Interest-Based Negotiation for Customized Employment

Systematic Instruction

Customized Self-Employment:  A 5-Session Self-Employment Online Course

Intro to Customized Self-Employment

Discovering Personal Genius for Self-Employment

Business Feasibility, Marketing and Sales

Business Plan Development

Managing Business Finances and Benefits Planning

Social Security Benefits:  Addressing Fears and being Part of the Solution

Social Security Disability Benefits and Work

Social Security Income and Work