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         Griffin-Hammis Associates is a leader in the understanding and implementation of Social Security Work Incentives including, Plans for Achieving Self Support (PASS), Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE), Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE), Property Essential to Self Support (PESS), Blind Work Incentives, et al., and their impacts on other public benefits, wages, and net earnings from self-employment (NESE).


         Griffin-Hammis staff, associates, and customers are responsible for the implementation of more PASS plans than any other entity in the United States, and we have helped many people start businesses, continue their education, and get better paying jobs through the use of SSA Work Incentives. VR Counselors, Supported Employment Specialists, and Work Force Investment Act (One Stop) program staff have benefited immensely from the blended funding opportunities that using Work Incentives offers.


         Every day in this country individuals, families, and professionals make serious life decisions based on their understanding of Social Security. Griffin-Hammis believes people often make those decisions based on false interpretations, partial information, and folklore. We hope to change this and assist people in maximizing their benefits, with emancipation from the “system” as the ultimate goal.


        Griffin-Hammis accomplishes this charge through training and technical consultation. We regularly train staff working for the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) projects across the U.S. through subcontracts with Virginia Commonwealth University’s RRTC, and through the Region VII RCEP at the University of Missouri. We also have a host of single and multi-day training programs on Work Incentives available. For cost estimates on consultation or training, please contact Beth Keeton at

 For an e-mail or phone consultation on:


    • The Social Security benefits impact of a business plan;
    • The development and impact of a PASS;
    • Or for assistance in understanding Work Incentives opportunities,

GHA charges $180 per hour, and we also negotiate retainers for on-going consultation. For a cost estimate, please contact Beth Keeton at

Currently Griffin-Hammis Associates has free publications available on Work Incentives such as:


Social Security Considerations for Small Business Owners with Disabilities

by: Dave Hammis and Cary Griffin

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*New Courses From GHA*

Announcing 2 new asynchronous web-based classes hosted by Relias and recognized by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals. The first class covers Employment & SSDI and the second covers Employment & SSI.  These are authored by Benefits Expert: Molly Sullivan, Griffin-Hammis Senior Consultant


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